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Program Overview

American University of Business and Social Sciences’ Mini-MBA is focused on developing your business skills. It is an online fast-track program that covers all core areas of general business management.This certificate will give you the tools to excel in the industry. We highly encourage you to share your Mini-MBA certificate on your LinkedIn page and resume to demonstrate your accomplishments and highlight your knowledge.

Entry Requirement

People who want to get a foundational understanding of the world of business and lay the perfect foundation for their career path.

People who want to get the core insights of MBA-style education in an accelerated and affordable manner.

Program Structure

Our Mini-MBA curriculum is both career-oriented and customizable. You will need to complete totally 5 courses of below in order to acquire the Mini-MBA Certificate:


Maximum Study Duration

Minimum completion time of 4 months and up to maximum period of 6 months. US$100 will be charged for each 6-month extension.

Pathway to Accredited BBA/Executive MBA

Top-up BBA or Executive MBA Degree is available for Mini-MBA graduates. Several additional online courses will be assigned by the Admission Office based on your Mini-MBA Curriculum and your academic background.

The BBA/Executive MBA will be awarded by The European International University (EIU) – Paris. EIU is a private higher education establishment authorized by the French Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, Research, and Innovation, in accordance to and in compliance with the French Education Act: Code de l’Education Articles L 444-1 to 444-11 and R 444-1 to 444-28. In recognition of the continuous efforts and achievements made by the EUROPEAN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, the CEOWORLD Magazine ranked EIU-Paris #85, #75 and #70 WORLD’S BEST BUSINESS SCHOOL for 2019-2021 respectively, alongside with MIT, Harvard, INSEAD, Wharton and London Business School.

Tuition Fee for Top-up BBA: US$3,650 (Including delivery of the BBA graduation documents by DHL directly from theEuropean International University.


Tuition Fee for Top-up Executive MBA: US$2,650 (Including delivery of the MBA graduation documents by DHL directly from theEuropean International University)

Delivery of the Diploma

The Mini-MBA certificate will be sent by email without any additional charges or fees. Hardcopy Diploma is available at US$150-250 for our handling and shipping.