Vinesh Shir Singh, known as Vinny, is a dedicated and accomplished education professional with a proven track record of excellence in English as a Second Language (ESL) and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) instruction. With a broad international exposure and a passion for teaching, Vinny has made significant contributions to the field of education through curriculum development, teacher training, and educational leadership.

Vinny holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from The TEFL University in the United Kingdom and a Graduate Diploma in ESL TEFL TESOL from Entrust TEFL College – IATEFL USA Charter. He also possesses a License to Teach TEFL from The TEFL University and TEFL ESL Certificates (140 Hours) from I to I TEFL College in Ireland and (120 Hours) from Entrust TEFL College. Additionally, Vinny has completed a Life Coaching course on Udemy.

As the Founder and Director of Grace Hardison TEFL University since 2021, Vinny has established a renowned institution offering Bachelor of Arts – TEFL and Master of Arts – TEFL degree programs. He has developed a comprehensive and innovative TEFL curriculum, ensuring a high standard of education for students aspiring to teach English internationally. Vinny has implemented rigorous quality assurance measures, maintaining the university’s reputation for excellence in TEFL education. He fosters a dynamic learning environment, encouraging critical thinking, cultural sensitivity, and effective communication among students.

In 2015, Vinny pioneered TEFL140 International, specializing in ESL and TEFL teaching certification courses. Through this venture, he has developed and managed ESL and TEFL certification programs to cater to the diverse needs of aspiring English teachers. Vinny has also established a global network of educators, creating opportunities for international collaboration and cultural exchange. Leading a team of experienced instructors, he ensures the delivery of high-quality education to students from various linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Vinny has further developed strategic partnerships with educational institutions and organizations worldwide, enhancing the reach and impact of TEFL140 International.

With over ten years of ELT teaching experience, Vinny has held positions at prestigious institutions such as Peking University Affiliate School in Beijing, China, where he is currently tenured at the International Foreign Languages Department (TAIE). He has also taught at Beijing College of Politics and Law in Beijing, China, and served at Entrust Teacher Training College in Thailand under the auspices of Thai and USA Charter. Additionally, Vinny has worked as an online English teacher and teacher trainer for Landi Subject English, accumulating around 7000 hours of online teaching experience. Prior to his career in education, Vinny gained 20 years of corporate executive management leadership experience.

Vinny’s expertise encompasses various aspects of ESL and TEFL education, including curriculum and syllabus design, second language acquisition, classroom management, teacher training, elicitation and language retention techniques, pronunciation and articulation, lesson planning and implementation, and ESL games and activities. He is well-versed in teaching English to different age groups, cultural sensitivity in the classroom, grammar instruction, and teaching ESL math and science.

Vinny’s dedication, expertise, and commitment to education have earned him recognition as a distinguished figure in the field of ESL and TEFL instruction. His creative mindset, self-driven determination, and broad international exposure have contributed to his success in teaching, facilitating, managing, and contributing to education at large. Vinny’s passion for empowering educators and shaping the future of English language instruction continues to inspire and make a lasting impact in the field.